Animal Encounters

Spend an hour getting a personal tour of our exotic animal farm with the owner and directly interact with some of our animals.


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Touch-Pet or hold some of our animals! The animals available to interact with may vary from day to day depending on availability and the animal's cooperation. Hedgehogs, prairie dogs, foxes, ring tail lemurs, a tortoise and miniature cows are some of the animals you may have the chance to touch or hold.


Learn- Your tour with the owner will include informative talks about each species and personal stories about caring for each animal. We have over a dozen different species here on our farm and the list continues to grow, with babies being born all the time!

Feed- We will provide food for you to give to certain animals that will allow you to directly interact with them. You may be able to feed African crested porcupines, coatimundis, ring tail lemurs, a tortoise or miniature cows!