Mink Deposits

Deposit Process

  • By placing your deposit you are reserving a specific species and color of animal but gender is not guaranteed.

  • After your deposit is placed we will update you with monthly email reminders about how you should be preparing for your mink.

  • Mink babies are usually ready to go home in June. Once they become available we will call and email deposit holders in the order that their deposit was placed.

  • The final balance is due when your mink is picked up or before shipping can be arranged. Deposit is $100 and goes towards the total purchase price $250. $150 will be due at pickup.

  • Once you are contacted about your mink being ready, you have 10 days to pick up or make reasonable arrangements for pickup or shipping (shipping is available for an additional $150). If you do not communicate with us or cannot make arrangements within 10 days your deposit will be forfeit.

Before placing a deposit please be sure to read over our mink care page.