Black-Tailed Prairie Dog


The black-tailed prairie dog is a very social creature that lives in large family groups and communicates with a complex "language" that includes body language and sounds. Prairie dogs in captivity have been shown to live longer and healthier lives if they are kept with other prairie dogs, for this reason we do not recommend only keeping one.

Their diet mostly consists of timothy hay and smaller amounts of rodent diet (rabbit or guinea pig food) but other greens and fruits may be offered as treats. Obesity can be a concern and a weight management diet should be fed once they are full grown. 

A large cage where the prairie dogs can be down in their bedding (paper or aspen is recommended) should be provided. Prairie dogs enjoy collecting materials for nesting, providing paper or tissue for them to shred and gather into a nesting box will keep them entertained. We recommend having male prairie dogs neutered between May-October during their first year of life.

In captivity prairie dogs will live 7-10 years on average. Our prairie dogs were wild-caught in the spring at a very young age.


2019 prairie dogs are now available!