What is Even Keel Exotics?

On our 10 acre farm-like setting we currently breed several different species of animals and broker many others and have been licensed to do so by the USDA since 2010. Some of the animals we offer are as pets to the general public, but many go to private or public zoos or educational programs. We work closely with a highly experienced attending veterinarian to develop diets and care plans for all of the animals we care for at our facility. It is our goal to practice responsible breeding, produce healthy and happy animals, and provide the unique experience of adding an exotic pet to the lives of those who are capable and desire to do so responsibly. 

Can we come visit?

We understand we have lots of interesting and cute critters, but we are a working farm and most of our animals need a private and stress-free environment during the breeding process. We do hold open store hours where you are welcome to check out any of the animals we have for sale, Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-8:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm. Keep in mind that many of our animals are only available in certain seasons and you will not be able to view most of our adults.

Do you ship?

Yes, some of our animals are able to be shipped. If you purchase an animal from us and request shipping, the animal will be sent to your nearest major airport of choice in a climate controlled area of a commercial flight. We do our best to insure that animals being shipped are in transit for the least amount of time possible by booking direct flights or ones with the shortest layover available. To avoid the busiest travel times we book flights for Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY. If you purchase an animal directly through the website we will book a flight within 24 hours (weekdays) or 48 hours (weekends) of your purchase and email you the flight info. Orders placed Wednesdays-Saturdays will be shipped the following Tuesday and orders placed Sunday-Tuesday will be shipped the following Thursday, unless specified otherwise. Animals are usually ready to be picked up from the ticket counter or cargo facility within 2 hours of their flight arriving. We guarantee live arrival but request that you contact us if there are any concerns with the health of the animal within 3 hours of the flight landing. Flat rate shipping for smaller mammals that do not require a health certificate (i.e. hedgehogs, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, ground squirrels) is $150 (subject to change) for one or multiple. Shipping for other larger mammals that require a health certificate and possibly an import permit, pending approval from Even Keel Exotics, begins at $350 (subject to change) which is determined by weight of the animal and crate and includes the cost of the health certificate.

For further questions about shipping please feel free to email whitney@evenkeelexotics.com.